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[Sticky] Code of Conduct

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Please take a few moments to read over the following code of conduct that all members will be expected to follow.

By registering to or using this forum, you agree to abide by the following code of conduct and be subject to the actions taken by its moderators. This is in no way a final publishing and as new issues arise, these rules may be amended. When joining or posting to this forum, your IP address is recorded and may be used to identify you for the purpose of enforcing this code.

Spamming is not permitted on this site. Any member involved in spamming will be immediately banned, without advance notice, at the discretion of the moderators and all posts will be deleted.

We understand that many members own, work for, or are an affiliate of businesses that are related to prepping. For this reason, an area for self promotion has been opened for you to promote your business. You are however limited to ONE TOPIC HEADING. Within this heading, you may answer questions from members, direct them to your website or place of business, or otherwise promote yourself. YOU MAY NOT CONDUCT TRANSACTIONS ON THIS SITE. In addition, you may add a link to your business in your tag line, again, provided that your business is prepper related.
Any other posts related to self promotion will be subject to automatic deletion and a warning issued to the offender for the first incident. A second incident will lead to the member being banned and all posts related to self promotion deleted, which will include posts that were previously made within the rules mentioned above.

There is literally an endless supply of prepper information available to us on the internet. Websites of interest may be linked to in the links section only. This will help localize the information and make it easy for members to find what they are looking for. Also, it will help keep the site clean. Links that are already posted outside this area will slowly be moved into this section. Again, please only link to prepper related sites. Self promotion is not permitted in this section. Links that are in support of a specific topic such as a news article or particular item are permitted.

Trolling is the practice of posting inflammatory remarks with the intention of inciting an argument or otherwise disruptive responses. This practice will not be tolerated and offenders will be subject to an access restriction of 1 week for a first incident. A second incident will result in the member being banned.

At the time of writing these rules, there were over 1500 members on the forum making an average of 40 posts per day and growing. The vast majority of these members and posts are polite, respectful, and helpful to other members. However, from time to time, some members resort to rude behaviour or name calling. This behaviour is not tolerated and will result in an access restriction of 1 week for the first incident. A second incident will result in the member being banned. We also understand that sometimes this behaviour was incited by another member or the result of trolling. In this case, you may be given a time out of 1 day in order for the moderators to cool off the situation and deal with it without it getting out of hand. This is not a punishment, but more like a referee getting in between two fighters in order to take control of a situation before it gets out of hand.

Many forums on the internet today have banned postings of a religious or political nature. Whether or not we believe they are right or wrong to do so, we understand why. More often than not, these types of posts quickly degrade into a mudslinging competition. We understand that prepping can, in part, be related to political or religious views, and therefore we allow such posts. However, keep in mind that the same rules for rude behaviour / name calling will apply. Offenders will receive an access restriction of 1 week. We will lock down a topic only in extreme circumstances where poor behaviour cannot be deterred.

The internet is a vast source of information, but is completely unregulated. For this reason, copyrighted material often finds it way into the public place. Posting copyrighted material or links to copyrighted material is not permitted. First offenders will be asked to promptly remove the copyrighted material or link. Failing this, it will be removed by a moderator and an access restriction of 1 week will be applied. Second offenders will be banned without warning or prior notice.
Members may quote copyrighted material for the purpose of making a point, but must give reference to the copyrighted source.

Any action contrary to law is not permitted. No incidents will be tolerated. Offenders will not only be banned, but may be subject to being reported to their internet service provider and/or law enforcement.

Free speech is protected under most national laws. This protection is intended to allow people to freely express their opinions (with some restrictions regarding hate crimes and other issues) in a public place without fear of reprisal or oppression.
This however, is NOT a public place. It is a privately owned website, and therefore free speech does not apply. As an example, how would you react to a teenager who swears in your home and claims censorship when told to stop this behaviour? The same principal applies here.