September 27, 2021
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Sex Health - Family Planning

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Well, let's go back to when we were 13 and took sex ed lessons in Jr High... blushing and giggling not necessary.

Just about every TEOTWAWKI novel out there ends up with an "happy" moment where a child is born. This makes me think that this is good that at some point life resumes a normal course, but becoming closer to middle-age (what age is middle-age those days anyway?), I'd rather leave that to other and or my kids where they are old enough. My wife had an IUD since the last one is born, but the usable life of the IUD is about a year away. I was always concerned of a really bad long term SHTF would happen while she has the IUD in as after a while, it could really harm her.

So I made the big boy thing and went for a vasectomy. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be after hearing seemingly bad stories from everyone (do men do this on purpose, trying to scare others out of getting one???) and I even enjoyed 3 days of DVR catching up!!! 😀

Anyways... Thought I'd share some tidbits of personal life here.

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You got lucky.
I was tied upside down, spread eagle to an old fence post while a guy with a bone through his nose worked on my stones with a cold chisel and 5 lb mallet. 6 hours later, I fought myself free after biting his big toe almost clean off.
I crawled 50 feet through a pool of iodine and passed out from pain and exhaustion.
I woke up sometime later with a bruise running from my knees to my navel. My stones had grown to boulders the size of basketballs and I could barely move for days.
Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. He didn't really have a bone through his nose. The rest of it is pretty much exactly how it felt.

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That... Was... FUNNY...! I feel for you buddy.

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😮 Don't tell me you're paying for that procedure?

Regret comes last, if it comes early its called registration!

In the end, only fellow preppers truly respects other preppers.
When nothing happens, the world will laugh at you.
When SHTF, what will happen when they found out you got supplies?

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I will never take the bullets out of the gun lol

Preparedness is like a condom , I've rather have it and not need it, rather than need it and not have it